A trip to the farm {Digital Super 8 Kids Movie}

Yesterday Charlotte and I went out to a corn maze / pumpkin patch / free range farm just north of Toronto to create this fun little family film. This movie is Charlotte’s creation – I did photography during the shoot.

Hope you enjoy it! We’d love to hear your feedback.

Cheers, Dave

Baby Shower with our photografriends!

Today was an awesome day. Charlotte and I joined a bunch of photographer friends (or photografriends as we call them!) got together to celebrate the upcoming birth of “baby bone”! Our friend Emma Smallbone’s baby shower was always sure to be a blast.. When Emma organizes anything – a party, a get together, or anything else – it’s always full of amazing little details that make it even more special.

Hope you all enjoy the video.. as always, it was a total pleasure to be there filming it and capturing all these great little moments.

Engagement Film in Toronto’s Queen West Arts District

Being a wedding photographer long before I took up my career as a film maker I’ve come to know many other wedding photographers in Toronto… At a recent workshop I ran I met just such a person!

After chatting about his upcoming nuptials we decided we should really do an engagement session and create a cool little Digital Super 8 film as part of it.

For privacy reasons I’m not going to use the soon-to-be-grooms name or his wonderful fiance’s for that matter, instead I’ll refer to each of them as Bride & Groom – I hope that’s okay?

With B & G’s wedding taking place at one of Toronto’s most grandiose venues – The Liberty Grand – we decided that we should film the session not only in the Toronto Exhibition Grounds, but also around the area where they like to spend their evenings… The very cool Queen St West Arts District. We begin the video with them running out of one of their favourite restaurants, The Gladstone Hotel. From there we headed around the neighbourhood grabbing little clips of them as we went… Even them pulling through MacDonalds Drive thru to pick up their every-date-treat… French Fries!!!

This Engagement Film was so much fun to make.. I’m looking forward to their wedding which is happening in only a few weeks time. I would love to hear any feedback you might have on the video!

Toronto’s Royal York Wedding Film in Super 8

We recently had the wonderful privilege of filming Allison & Matt’s wedding at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel in downtown Toronto. As with all our Super 8 films, they are created through a careful process of recording the footage with digital super 8 cameras and edited to enhance that treatment.

We can honestly say that filming a wedding at the Royal York is provides the most amazing locations, light and surroundings.

This wedding film includes not only the wonderful details of Allison & Matt’s wedding day but some of the most equisite moments such as Allison’s look as she takes some deep breaths as the rides the elavator to her wedding ceremony.

The ceremony took place in the Upper Canada Room – on the 17th floor of the hotel, with soft daylight spilling across the room.

After the ceremony the couple took us to the Rooftop garden where the panoramic views across lake Ontario are breathtaking.

Thank you for viewing our Super 8 wedding film – if you are in Toronto or elsewhere in the world and would like to consider having us film your special day, please email or phone us to find out more.

Jewish Wedding Film at Miller Lash House

I would have to say that this is by far my favourite wedding of the year. Sometimes you meet people and you can almost reach out and touch their spirits. I do find that generally when we sit down with potential clients we know quickly whether they will decide to hire us, and with Risa and Matt it was no exception.

Both Risa and Matt are very free spirited, open, genuine, caring, extremely generous people. It’s not until you meet people’s friends that you realize how much that affects their whole lives.

I’m certain that as you watch the video you will see the close connection they share with their family and friends.

The wedding took place on the University of Toronto, Scarborough campus grounds in the stunning Miller Lash House. The day began with the Kabbalat Panim and the Badeken taking place in two different parts of the house – the guys sitting outside around a table, sharing drinks, advice and a lot of expressions of love. The ladies gathered around Risa and sang songs of encouragement of praise with her.

After Matt was brought in by both fathers, the couple embraced and tears of joy were shared. After some very overwhelming dancing around the couple the ketubah was signed by both and they moved outside to the marquee tent where the Jewish wedding ceremony under the chupah.

As the ceremony drew to a close, Matt performed the breaking of the glass before everybody broke into further dancing. Definitely an amazing experience to witness!

After a brief time alone, the couple returned to begin their wedding reception as a married couple!! Of course the Hora was a lot of fun as always and the dancing went on for a long time because nobody wanted to stop!

On one final note I have to mention the incredible all vegan – all organic – amazing food that we ate was literally the best I’ve had at a wedding! It was catered by the talented chefs at Marigolds and Onions… Well worth considering for your wedding : )